I think the biggest, most life-changing realization I’ve made throughout my path towards health and happiness is that INTENTION is EVERYTHING.

Today’s world is so reactionary. We are constantly reacting to what we hear in the news, what we see on social media, and what we are brought up to believe.

I was always reacting to what I was told, what I thought, how I felt, and who I surrounded myself with. When I made the life-changing INTENTION to focus my heart & soul, mind & body to understanding myself–my dreams, needs, and desires–I made a leap into a better life.

I now set intentions–daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and so on. I reflect on my mistakes, my dreams, my past and future, my strengths and weaknesses. And I set my intentions based on my level of understanding (or lack thereof) about myself and the world around me.

I don’t let life happen, I make it happen. I don’t let lack of health take over, I attack it full force. I don’t roll out of bed and into bed every morning and night without tapping in my quiet (or not so quiet) mind and asking myself “did I achieve, or at least work towards, my intentions for the day/week/month”?

The best part is that these intentions don’t need to start out monumental. They can be as simple as intending to be grateful today. Intending to drink more water at home. Intending to get to bed early tonight. Intending to let go of your road rage on the way home. ANYTHING.

The importance is simply in the act of intention. Holding yourself accountable to these little intentions. Celebrating in your accomplishment, or simply reflecting on why you didn’t accomplish it, and how to go about it differently next time.

Don’t just go through the motions. Get to know yourself–your strengths & weaknesses, dreams, needs, and desires.

Serve your body, mind and soul. Connect to yourself. Love yourself. INTEND for a better life. And don’t just react to life. MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

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