I began this total health transformation In January of 2016. Initially, the results were beyond my belief. Body fat shed off almost effortlessly, and my daily digestive issues seemed to minimize immensely, and my energy levels spiked. But as the months went on my symptoms seemed to come back.

Beginning this journey was fairly easy in that I was unemployed, so I was able to spend most of my days in the kitchen cooking up elaborate meals. It seemed as I got a job and took on more responsibilities, leaving me less spare time, that my symptoms increased again.

So what’s with the eggs?

Well for starts, I love them. They are nutrient dense, delicious, versatile, inexpensive, and easy to make. However, they are also very troublesome for those with autoimmune (AI) disease and leaky gut. The two actually go hand in hand.

Remember the phrase you are what you eat? Well, surprise! It’s spot on.

Though eggs are healthy in the general sense of the word, for those (like me) who are working towards healing the gut lining, they can be extremely bothersome. When the gut lining becomes permeable (leaky gut) it allows for proteins to escape into the body where they don’t belong–and eggs house 47 different proteins! This will trigger an immune response causing things like inflammation, stomach pain, headaches, acne, anxiety, weight gain, even AI disease and so much more.

So how do I know if I have leaky gut?

Well it comes from years of mistreatment. I grew up eating fast food and poptarts and taking antibiotics multiple times a year. The antibiotics are especially disruptive to the gut biome because although they kill off the bacteria causing infections, they also kills of essential good bacteria in the gut.

Because last year was a more general approach to eating healthy using the paleo platform, I am now focusing on specific issues–gut health for example.

And the good news is a gut healthy diet isn’t necessarily a life-long need. Once you remove bothersome foods, and increase gut healthy foods like bone broth and sour kraut, you begin to rebuild your essential gut flora and your gut lining.

So Emily, what are YOU doing?

  1. I have adopted a strict autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet. I have eliminated some groups of foods that are actually healthy, but may promote inflammation and gut upset to people like me with AI disease.
  2. I am introducing gut healing foods and supplements on a daily basis (bone broth, sauerkraut, probiotics etc.)
  3. I will be tracking my progress with this approach over the next few weeks, and will then begin to reintroduce some foods such as eggs and nuts

So what should I do, Emily?

If you are like me–going on 24 years of getting sick, having IBS, anxiety, popping countless pills and antibiotics, chronically ill, extremely fatigued etc, you might want to think about a strict gut healing plan.

And even if you’re not like me, and you feel fine most days, I would still encourage you do at least include more gut healing foods and supplements into your diet–you never know how much better you could feel until you actually do.


I will keep you lovely humans updated with my gut healing journey, and would love to help support you on yours. Don’t be shy. Leave a comment or email me at wholehealthemily@gmail.com


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